Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 17 - Pre-ride and pre-ride some more...

The highest point on the course at over 9500 ft. -
And the surrounding peaks soar far above this spot!

Today we got to know the cross-country courses well, learning every climb, corner and technical section. The pros and junior Cat 1 racers do multiple laps on a short course that stays fairly close to the Sol Vista Park headquarters to provide a more spectator-friendly event. That precludes them from riding some of the bigger climbs and fun trails on the higher slopes of the ski park, which the amateurs get to do on their course. The consensus among the team is that the courses are both fun and challenging, which should produce true national champions.

It may be summer in much of the country,
but it seems like springtime here in the high mountains.

I knew there would be no time to look around and enjoy the subtle beauty all around come race-day, so I took my time on the pre-ride...

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