Monday, October 22, 2012

Gorry Wins Two Collegiate National Titles!

After being sidelined with injury for much of 2012, Cypress Gorry is back in a big way, earning both the Cross Country and Short Track D2 Collegiate National Championship Titles in Angel Fire, New Mexico over the weekend.

cypress gorry
Cypress goes two for two, winning the short track the day after taking the cross country title.

After a strong start to 2012, Gorry's season was cut short with a leg injury sustained at the La Bresse World Cup in France. True to the Whole Athlete philosophy, his dedication was undeterred as he endured the long process of recovery and retraining back to race form.

la bresse world cup
Challenging conditions at the technical World Cup course in La Bresse, France.

Gorry's comeback shows the true nature of athletic potential, and he is one of three Whole Athlete-Specialized riders to come back from injury to win a National Title in 2012!

cypress gorry national champion
National Champion, Cypress Gorry.
As the rest of the team prepares for the 2013 race season, Gorry heads straight into the cyclocross season this fall with renewed confidence and motivation. 

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