Sunday, March 21, 2010

San Dimas & NorCal Success - Take Two

Less than a week after the Whole Athlete Team's success at the Bonelli Park US Cup MTB XC in San Dimas, John Bennett wins the San Dimas Road Stage Race in the Cat 2 field. Bennett took the opening stage TT, then followed up with a strong 2nd place in the stage 2 road race. Despite going down in a crash in the 3rd stage criterium, JB was able to remount and finish with the field, confirming his overall victory. Congratulations, John!!

Will Curtis takes his second consecutive Varsity win in the NorCal High School League race #2 as Tony Smith took podium spot #3. Whole Athlete juniors took six of the top-10 Varsity boys spots, while Victoria Yoham and Sofia Hamilton take 2nd and 5th in the girls Varsity and Kate Courtney wins the Junior Varsity.

NorCal High School League Race #2 - Folsom Lake
Varsity Boys:
Will Curtis 1st
Tony Smith 3rd
Alec Kassin 6th
Riley Predum 7th
Davis Bentley 8th
Colby Pastore 9th

Varsity Girls:
Victoria Yoham 2nd
Sofia Hamilton 5th

Junior Varsity Girls:
Kate Courtney 1st

Junior Varsity Boys:
Taylor Smith 3rd

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