Monday, March 29, 2010

Phenomenal Fontana

Following their success at the Bonelli Park US Cup, the Whole Athlete kids opened up their national-level racing season with a bang at the Fontana ProXCT/US Cup cross country race in Southern California.

An all-blue Junior boys Cat 1 podium. 1st, 3rd and 4th for the junior girls. Twelve podium placings in total. While theses pictures can't possibly do the weekend justice, they're worth a thousand words.

Cat 1 - 17/18 boys: Zach Valdez 1st, Will Curtis 2nd, Joe Yoham 3rd, Riley Predum 4th, Alec Kassin 5th

Cat 1 - 17/18 girls: Sofia Hamilton 1st, Victoria Yoham Yoham 3rd, Kate Courtney 4th

Cat 2 boys 15/16: Taylor Smith 1st

Cat 2 boys 17/18: Bobby Zidek 2nd

Cat 1 - 19-24: Will Patterson 2nd

Cat 1 - 40-44: Dario Fredrick 1st

Making the long haul...

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