Monday, March 15, 2010

Bonelli Park US Cup XC

A small group of Whole Athlete Team riders took a road trip to SoCal to race the Bonelli Park US Cup. Our goal was to race our best in this national-level event. Six of seven Whole Athlete riders finished on the podium.

Will Curtis battled Zack Valdez right down to the finishing sprint, taking a close second. Riley Predum, Roman Brockley and Colby Pastore rounded out the podium, while Davis Bentley followed in 6th place despite breaking his chain twice!

Will Patterson raced his first Cat 1, 19-24 race at Bonelli and showed that this year he means business by taking a convincing win.

Inspired by the kids' performances, even team director Dario Fredrick got out there and took the top spot in the 40-44 Cat 1 race.

Bonelli Park US Cup XC Results
Junior 17/18 Cat 1
Will Curtis: 2nd
Riley Predum: 3rd
Roman Brockley: 4th
Colby Pastore: 5th
Davis Bentley: 6th

19-24 Cat 1
Will Patterson: 1st

40-44 Cat 1
Dario Fredrick: 1st

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