Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Whole Foods Signs Up to Fuel Whole Athlete Cycling Team

In a natural alliance, Whole Foods Market, Northern California's top provider of quality groceries, has pledged to support the Whole Athlete Cycling Team, Northern California's top provider of quality junior cycling talent. Whole Foods will become the junior development team's exclusive grocery sponsor, providing access to the healthy, organic foods essential to the team's mission of teaching young cyclists the skills to perform at their highest potential.

The Whole Athlete Cycling Team holds several trips and camps in support of target race events like this weekend's Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, the US National Mountain Bike Championships in Colorado in July, and the World Cup Race in New York in August. For each event the team rents a house to serve as base camp, with Fredrick and other mentors preparing healthy meals, leading restorative yoga classes, and doing whatever else is necessary to help the young cyclists learn healthy habits for peak performance.

"One of our main goals is teaching our athletes how optimal nutrition helps them achieve their goals in a healthy, sustainable manner," said team founder and director Dario Fredrick. "Whole Foods has the fuel our team needs and it is a sign of their commitment to community that they are stepping up to help these kids reach their dreams."

For more information about the Whole Athlete Cycling Team, please visit http://www.wholeathlete.com/team.htm

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