Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Honestly, I am blown away. All this time, I never thought that one bike could do it all. You either had the lightweight-stiffness of a hardtail, or the smoothness and compliance of a full-sus, but low and behold - the Epic has married the two. It took me a couple rides to get the suspension dialed-in for me, and my goodness it's a freakin' rocket ship! It accelerates so well out of corners that I have had to adjust my riding style. It just wants to go fast. --DF

Yes, indeed. They have finally arrived. The first team ride with all the new Epics, and the reviews are in (actual quotes):

"This is the best bike in the world." --WC
"It just wants to go fast!" --WP
"This is the best I have ever felt on a bike." --VY
"Amazing." --JY

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