Monday, July 21, 2014

National Championships to Remember

Haley Batten
Haley Batten on her way to defending the Junior 15/16 XC title. She would go on to win the Super-D as well.

The Whole Athlete/Specialized Team was truly impressive at the 2014 Cross Country National Championships at Bear Creek Resort in Pennsylvania, earning seven Junior Titles and 14 medals. Overcoming numerous flats and mechanical challenges out on the technical, rocky courses, the young riders showed tenacity and dedication throughout.

Mike Mace
Mike Mace wins both the 13/14 Cross Country and Super-D.

Sean Bennett
An ecstatic Sean Bennett overcame a first lap flat to come back for the XC win.

Christopher Blevins
Christopher Blevins defending the 15/16 XC title, even after a flat tire and wheel change. (photo: Mark Avery)

Veda Gerasimek
Young Pennsylvanian Veda Gerasimek rode to a podium finish in both the Junior 15/16 XC and Super-D.

Cypress Gorry
Cypress Gorry earned two top-10s, with 7th in the U23 XC and 10th in the Pro Short Track. (photo: Mark Avery)

Casey Williams
Casey Williams flew to 4th in the U23 XC and 3rd in the Pro Super-D.

Kelsey Urban
Kelsey Urban hit the podium twice behind teammate Batten with 2nd in both XC and Super-D. (photo: Mark Avery)

Neilson Powless
Neilson Powless flatted out of the lead in the XC, only to have to run most of the course to the tech zone.
He would get his redemption by winning the Short Track Title two days later.
(photo: Mark Avery)

Neilson Powless
Blevins celebrates Powless's Short Track victory, and a Whole Athlete/Specialized 1-2.

Cole Avery
Cole Avery guts it out to finish after bad luck and punctures ended his podium hopes. (photo: Mark Avery)

Silas Blunk
Another victim of punctures in the XC, Silas Blunk powers on in the Short Track.

Zach Peterson
Zach Peterson was also the victim of sharp rocks with a flat, but soldiered on to finish strongly. (photo: Mark Avery)

STXC podium
Powless, Blevins, and Bennett go 1-2-4 in the Short Track.

Sean Bennett
Bennett is Junior 17/18 National Champion.

Haley Batten, Kelsey Urban, Veda Gerasimek
Batten, Urban, and Gerasimek go 1-2-4 in the Junior 15/16 XC.

Mike Mace
After taking 2nd in the Short Track, Mace earns the 13/14 XC Title. He would add the Super-D victory to his weekend accomplishments as well.

Christopher Blevins
Blevins with his second consecutive Junior 15/16 National Title.

The Super-D Medalists celebrate.

Sean Bennett, Christopher Blevins
Bennett and Blevins, Junior XC Champs. (photo: Mark Avery)

Josh Snead, Chris Slack
The unsung heros of the team, mechanics Josh Snead and Chris Slack. (photo: Mark Avery)

Check out all the team's 2014 Top-10 results here.

Next up for Whole Athlete/Specialized:

7/26 ProXCT #7 - Catamount, VT
7/31 World Cup #5 - Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec, CAN
8/07 World Cup #6 - Windam, NY
9/04 World Championships - Hafjell, Norway

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