Friday, September 21, 2012

Team Coaches Step Up at Marathon Nationals

With the cross country season having come to an end for the Juniors and U23s, Whole Athlete-Specialized coaches carried the torch this time for one more big event at the USA Cycling MTB Marathon National Championships in Bend, OR.

Take 54 miles of dirt, add over 6000 feet of climbing, and do it at race pace above 5000 ft. elevation and you get the 2012 Marathon Nationals race. The challenging course was truly worthy of a national championship: almost entirely singletrack, a healthy dose of climbing, plenty of sand, dust, and sprinkled with occasional technical rock challenges.

And the team coaches did not disappoint. Every one landed on the podium, including two with national titles.

Helene Drumm earned the 40-49 women's title in convincing fashion, while Liz Pinsker finished with a solid 3rd place.

John Hunt rode to a strong 3rd place finish in only his second MTB event this season.

Matt McCourtney took his second podium in a 2012 National Championship event with a solid 5th place in the very competitive 30-34 field.

Team Director Dario Fredrick successfully defended his 2011 Marathon title on the much more challenging 2012 course.

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