Monday, April 30, 2012

Whole Athlete-Specialized Juniors Europe-bound

Five Whole Athlete-Specialized Juniors are heading to Europe to compete at the highest level of the sport. 

cypress gorry, whiskey off road
Cypress Gorry wins the Whiskey Off Road 25 Proof.
Fresh off his win at the Whiskey Off Road 25 Proof this weekend, Cypress Gorry will be joined by Sea Otter Classic winner Kate Courtney as they compete in the World Cups in the Czech Republic and France on May 13th and 20th.

Kate Courtney, sea otter classic
Kate Courtney wins the Sea Otter Classic XC.

Also heading for international racing in May are Josie Nordrum, Lucas Newcomb and Shane Skelton, as they participate in the USA Cycling Junior XC Mountain Bike Race Camp. 

Kate Courtney, Josie Nordrum, sea otter classic
Josie Nordrum on the Sea Otter Road Race Podium.

Confirming their strong spring campaigns thus far, Nordrum, Newcomb and Skelton will compete against some of the world's best Juniors at the Grand Prix d’Europe in Belgium on May 27th and Swiss Bike Trophy in Bern, Switzerland on June 3rd. 

shane skelton, bonelli short track
Shane Skelton on his way to winning the Bonelli Park XCT Short Track. 

josie nordrum, sea otter classic
Lucas Newcomb takes a bottle on his way to a podium finish at the Mellow Johnny's Classic.

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