Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whole Athlete-Specialized Team National Championships Wrap Up

In only it's third year, the Whole Athlete-Specialized Cycling Team has evolved into one of the top development programs in the country, claiming two Junior Titles and 13 Junior medals at the 2011 National MTB Championships.

Kate Courtney takes her second consecutive Junior National XC Title

The 2011 National Championships also marks the third straight year the team has participated in a high altitude training camp in preparation for the main event. Riders follow Whole Athlete's holistic philosophy as they live, train and race together for three weeks, practicing daily yoga, following optimal nutrition and sharing epic rides.

Lake Tahoe provided the perfect setting for the team's high altitude training camp

The training camp included multiple race opportunities, and the juniors showed their preparation was already paying off. Whole Athlete-Specialized Junior men and women were victorious in all three pre-Nationals races: Annadel XC Classic (Lucas Newcomb & Josie Nordrum), Peavine Challenge (Taylor Smith & Kate Courtney) and Downieville Classic XC (Max Houtzager & Kate Courtney). All the team's top-10 race results are available here.

Junior Women at the Peavine Challenge in Reno, NV

Lucas Newcomb wins the Junior 15/16 National XC Title

Whole Athlete-Specialized 2011 National Championships Results Tally:

6 National Titles
17 Top-3 Finishes
20 Podium Placings
26 Top-10 Finishes


Day 1
Cross Country

Junior Men 15/16
Lucas Newcomb 1st

Junior Women 15/16
Kate Courtney 1st
Josie Nordrum 3rd

Junior Men 17/18
Keegan Swenson 2nd
Max Houtzager 4th
Taylor Smith 6th

Junior Women 17/18
Sofia Hamilton 3rd
Mackinzie Stanley 6th
Victoria Yoham 7th

U23 Men
Will Curtis 10th


Day 2
Cross Country

Cat 1 40-44
Dario Fredrick 1st

Cat 1 40-44 Women
Helene Drumm 1st

Cat 1 45-49 Women
Julia Violich 1st

Cat 1 35-39 Women
Abbie Durkee 5th


Day 3

Junior Men
Bobby Zidek 2nd
Taylor Smith 3rd
Max Houtzager 7th

Junior Women
Kate Courtney 2nd
Victoria Yoham 3rd

Mackinzie Stanley 4th

Cat 1 40+ Women
Helene Drumm 1st

Cat 1 19-39 Women
Abbie Durkee 2nd

Day 3
Short Track

Junior Men
Keegan Swenson 2nd
Taylor Smith 4th

Cat 1 Open Women
Helene Drumm 2nd
Sofia Hamilton 9th

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