Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Whole Athlete Team shows its class at the Tamarancho Dirt Classic

Held in our backyard on the trails we ride regularly as a team, the Tamarancho Dirt Classic was a local event not to be missed. A junior nationals qualifier and Allison Dunlap Junior MTB Series Race, Whole Athlete Juniors chose to make this a target event. Not only did they represent, but the kids rode with tremendous heart and skill, taking the top spots in every category, sweeping the Cat 1 junior boys and girls events.

Mountain bike legend, multiple national and world champion, Ned Overend showed up to challenge a strong handful of local pros, but it was Marin local and Team Director Dario Fredrick who took the top spot in the pro race.

Jim Hewett, Ned Overend &
Dario Fredrick up Dead Heifer

Max Houtzager shows the
singlespeeders how it's done.

Will Patterson making the 28% gradient Dead Heifer look easy.

Kate Courtney and Sofia Hamilton

Taylor Smith was the fastest
15-16 Cat 1 rider on the day.

Bobby Zidek on his way to
wining the Cat 2 15-18 race.

The Camp Tamarancho Boy Scout motto
is most appropriate

Cat 1 girls

Pro Men start

Girls' Team coach, Abbie Durkee comes
out of "retirement" to show that she's still got it!

Whole Athletes took top honors in nearly every category raced, sweeping the podium in the junior boys and girls Cat 1 events.

Cat 1 17/18 boys
1st Will Curtis
2nd Tony Smith
3rd Riley Predum
Cat 1 15/16
1st Taylor Smith (4th overall in junior boys combined)

Cat 1 17/18 girls
1st Sofia Hamilton
2nd Victoria Yoham
Cat 1 15/16 girls
1st Kate Courtney (3rd in juniors girls combined)

Cat 1 singlespeed
1st Max Houtzager

Cat 1 19-24
Will Patterson

Cat 1 Women 30-39
2nd Abbie Durkee (WA Girls Coach)

1st Dario Fredrick

Cat 2 15-18 boys
1st Bobby Zidek
3rd Sven Beer

Cat 2 15-18 girls
1st MacKinzie Stanley

A few short videos of the junior racers in action. The Cat 1 boys start, and some feed zone fun.

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