Monday, May 17, 2010

NICA California State Champions!

Will Curtis became the second Whole Athlete junior in two years to sweep the NorCal High School Varsity series and win the California State Championship, outsprinting WA teammate Zack Valdez (who swept the SoCal Varsity series). Freshman Kate Courtney followed suit, sweeping the Girls Junior Varsity and taking the State Title as well.

The WA kids' top-10 Championships results are almost too good to believe...

1st Will Curtis Varsity

1st Kate Courtney Junior Varsity Girls

2nd Zach Valdez Varsity

2nd Sofia Hamilton Varsity Girls

2nd Taylor Smith Junior Varsity

3rd Tony Smith Varsity

3rd Victoria Yoham Varsity Girls

5th Riley Predum Varsity

6th Nick Newcomb Varsity

6th MacKinzie Stanley Junior Varsity Girls

7th Joe Yoham Varsity

8th Max Hotzager Junior Varsity

9th Will Patterson Varsity

10th Davis Bentley Varsity

Sprint for the title

Four Whole Athletes on the podium!
Will Curtis 1st, Zach Valdez 2nd, Tony Smith 3rd, Riley Predum 5th

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