Sunday, February 21, 2010

Giving Back

Nearly all of the Whole Athlete team riders were at first introduced to bike racing through the NorCal High School MTB League, and most still compete for their respective schools in League events.

Just prior to their five-race series (March-May) each year, the NorCal League offers development camps to its riders, teaching valuable skills and techniques to these budding mountain bikers.

As part of the Whole Athlete Team's mission to support youth development in cycling, we volunteer our time at the NorCal Camps, providing professional bike fitting to all the young riders. This year was no exception, and Whole Athlete team coaches and riders showed up in force to the All-Girls Camp on Feb 6th, fitting 36 young ladies on their bikes, and two weeks later to the Co-ed Beginner/intermediate Camp, providing proper positioning to more than 40 young riders on their mountain bikes.

I would like to personally thank the Whole Athlete Team coaches and mentors for their generous time, specifically Adam Waskow, Dave Simon, Patty Brockley and Steve Cherry. Also, a big thanks goes out to Whole Athlete riders Will Curtis, Riley Predum, Roman Brockley, Sven Beer, Kate Courtney, Tony Smith, Joe Yoham, Taylor Smith and Bobby Zidek.

The NorCal HS MTB League relies heavily on volunteer help to provide camps and put on races for literally hundreds of high school kids. If you can help out, please contact the League office.

Thank you!
Dario Fredrick

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