Sunday, July 12, 2009

Downieville Dominance!

The Whole Athlete team came to Downieville XC with a mission: to ride well and have fun. After more than a week of excellent training in Tahoe, they accomplished even more than that -- taking the top two steps of both junior podiums, first overall in the all-mountain XC sport, and four other top-five finishes.

The Downieville Classic is indeed that - a "classic" MTB race where the whole town becomes the race. A fun expo and hundreds of people having a good time. The XC race course is one of the most challenging I have ever ridden in more than 20 years of MTB riding and racing. A true MTB XC course.

Junior Expert
Tony Smith: 1st
Nick Newcomb: 2nd
Riley Predum: 4th
Will Curtis: 5th

Junior Sport
Alec Kassin: 1st
Bobby Zidek: 2nd
Roman Brockley: 5th

Pro Men (XC only)
John Bennett: 4th

Sport All-mountain
Max Houtzegar: 1st overall
(2nd XC & 1st DH)

Junior Expert All-mountain
Will Patterson: 4th overall
(3rd DH)

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